About Me

About Me

Hi, I am Katie!

The writer and creator of this website.

My interest towards learning about Assistive technology started with several years working as a personal support worker in long term care homes. I saw assistive technologies in action, and personally found that there was an important conversation that was missing from discussions about successful aging.

Now with a 103 year old grandfather; who until only a few years ago was aging in place, parents and in laws that are older adults with a variety of physical issues and issues of aging and mental illness, I have become interested in resources and research that can improve the lives of my loved ones.

I believe that my personal research into the latest trends and technologies can improve our quality of life throughout the lifespan and that early adoption of these technologies can enrich the aging process and improve community participation There needs to be more written about technology for seniors, and I hope by sharing my findings with you we can make that world a better place.

Here we are. Almost 4 months in. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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