Assistive Technology 101

(Mindy, 2016)

This charming video is an example of what can happen when technology and seniors come together. Even though technology is gaining popularity with older adults, gadget navigation can be a challenge. I have created this blog to create a conversation about how technology can be integrated into our lives. This blog is for persons with normal mental health issues associated with aging, those with acquired mental health disorders, and for your family and friends. I hope to direct community interest to opportunities of intervention development and to the use of these technologies in practice, to promote active engagement and preserve independence amongst adults of all ages and abilities.

With these blog entries I hope to answer my guiding question:

What are important factors of assistive technology integration with older adults with and without mental illness?

While this blog will not be able to cover all of the connected topics in depth, I will highlight concepts of community, self-care, aging in place, stigma, independence, ethical responsibility, cognitive decline, safety, caregiving and resilience in a six module mini-blog! Follow along from modules one through six or click on the blog question below that most interests you to be taken to the module you find yourself interested in 😀

Module 1: Does technology improve coping skills and resilience?

Module 2: How does assistive technology address stigma?

Module 3: Can assistive technology preserve cognitive function in older adults?

Module 4: Can assistive technology be a support to community living?

Module 5: How can technology be used to help the caregivers of older adults?

Module 6: What ethical considerations surround assistive technology?



Mindy. (2016). Webcam 101 for Seniors….[ Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcN08Tg3PWw&feature=emb_logo

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